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Gwen R.

February 18th, 2016

I just want to thank you so much for helping Denice throughout her middle,
high school, and college journey. Back then, the TAKS/STAAR test was an
extremely stressful time for Denice and I. Thanks to you, Denice passed
with no problem. You took time to explain problems to her when she just
could not grasp it. You were not only patient, but you were kind and even
tried to figure why she just could not grasp how to do some problems. Once
you figured out what the issue was and helped her, she gained confidence and
tackled problems head on. These tests were not as stressful to her because of
your tutoring. I keep you as a contact in my phone for myself and to refer
you to others. Once again thank you and I am sure I’ll be calling you soon!

Thank you MySuperTutor!


Gwen R.
Windcrest, TX