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Gabriella D.

November 7th, 2015

I just wanted to let people know that Robert has been a godsend for my kids. I am a school nurse and I started noticing how many kids were struggling with math. I noticed that the struggling began around 3rd grade and became worse from there. I now work in a High School and see so many kids failing the EOC (End-Of-Course) Algebra exam. I also have several friends that teach at universities and they say that many kids cannot pass College Algebra. I did not want my kids to join those ranks or limit their career choices because math was so challenging, so I decided to invest in a math tutor. My son started with Robert in 1st grade and he is now in 6th. Math has always been easy for him where so many of his friends are struggling. My daughter is now in 2nd grade and is well ahead of her class. I give much of the credit to Robert. Robert is a great teacher and he is very patient. My kids never complain and look forward to the 1 hour sessions. I have not regretted the investment and, to date, the results have been very positive and rewarding for both of my children.

Thank you MySuperTutor!

Gabriella D.
San Antonio, TX