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Bridget H.

August 14th, 2015

When I was afforded the opportunity to return to college as an adult, I knew that Math would be my greatest challenge! The state where I graduated high school from only required passing ninth grade math and I knew that, to be an educator, I would have to pass Algebra and several other math concepts.
I have used MySuperTutor on several occasions. My tutor was patient and accommodating with the hours that I was able to meet with him. He came to my house and we worked several hours each week on Math. Starting with Pre-Algebra and all the way through College Algebra, he broke down concepts, resulting in a better understanding.

I would whole-heartedly recommend MySuperTutor to anyone who needs help understanding subjects taught in schools and colleges today. (…And if you are wondering what my grades were in passing ALL those Math classes… I received only one B~ all the rest were A’s!)

Bridget H., Educator
San Antonio, TX