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What Are the Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring?

April 30th, 2017


Direct one-on-one tutoring is the most effective solution to truly understanding a subject. Most students who struggle with Algebra and other math courses, grammar in their essays, or learning new languages are too embarrassed to halt a class in progress to ask for help even though these subjects require careful scaffolding to build comprehension. A personal tutor can “zero in” on specific needs, slow down or speed up, explain things verbally or visually, and expand on or review difficult concepts such as Algebra and grammar.

The answer to a successful education is understanding how you learn. Despite the cost-effectiveness of the method high schools and colleges use by assigning the maximum amount of students to one teacher, the typical classroom is less effective because it neglects the personality and learning style of each individual student. This system has made the job of a teacher to relay information, not to ensure that you understand it. The job of the tutor, however, is to understand and to teach the way you learn. And because of this, the value of one-on-one tutoring is rising.

And most importantly, a tutor can familiarize and learn exactly how you learn best and adapt to your pace. That type of personalization can be crucial whether you don’t understand something or want to understand more instead of feeling embarrassed to ask questions in a group setting. And as you make progress, it’s reassuring to be given instant affirmation by a tutor while you make progress. Reading information in a textbook and hearing it described from a lectern will never be as efficient as practice and hands-on experience.

Repetition and rhythm are essential to learning any subject, from Algebra and Calculus to English and Language Arts. This is why teachers provide examples and portion out what they want you to read. But teachers don’t have the opportunity to spend hours with their students explaining the problems that you don’t understand or delving into the analysis of your reading assignments. This is why finding a tutor who can adapt to and understand how you learn can be essential to your academic success.